Gather Valuable


Emergency Response- Disaster Recovery

With a nationwide network of professional trained drone pilots TCP Skynet has the able to engage in "On Call" Emergency services.  Hot spot location for the local fire department, environmental catastrophes, or construction related safety issues TCP Skynet is ready.
Evaluate a Serious Disaster

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS, referred to here as “drones”) empower emergency managers to evaluate a serious disaster situation with the use of a drone, potentially complementing the information they have from personnel. In other circumstances, the use of drones prevents personnel from entering a potentially hazardous scene before emergency managers understand exactly what they are dealing with. As such, fire departments, hazardous materials teams, search and rescue teams, and police departments can use drones, with clever uses (e.g., infrared imaging) depending on the nature of the emergency.

Post-Disaster Help


After hurricanes destroyed large swaths of Florida, the Caribbean Islands and Houston, first responders in these areas relied on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to survey inaccessible areas and support rescue efforts. In a post-disaster area, aerial imagery captured by drones helps aid workers evaluate a situation before they get their boots on the ground. By some figures, remote video captured by a drone is almost 400 times more cost effective than similar video captured by a helicopter making drones an obvious choice for disaster relief.


Is it Safe?


Here at TCP Skynet safety is our number one priority.  Stringent safety protocols and top tier technology make TCP Skynet custom unmanned aerial systems extremely safe.  Our UAS's have a number of Fail-Safe features built-in:  if radio signal is lost, on board GPS and Autopilot automatically guides the UAS back to the take off location.  If one of the motors fails, multi-rotor configuration allows for the rest of the motors to land the aircraft safely. Our pilots follows strict protocols and have years of experience flying drone/UAV's.



Gather Valuable Intelligence


In the aftermath of a large-scale natural disaster, drones can gather valuable intelligence, but keeping it organized and telling a story requires careful selection of the systems and software, based on the needs of the incident command system. For local, or small-scale incidents, this can be relatively simple. A growing number of fire departments across the country are using drones to capture views from above, including visible-light and thermographic cameras, that are put to immediate use.