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Telecom & Energy

Drop your operating & Maintenance costs for tower inspections and improve working safety by reducing the need for manual inspections.  Aerial imagery is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual progress report to stakeholders.
Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs

TCP Skynet is the ideal solution to drop your operating and maintenance costs for cell tower inspections, water tower inspections, power line inspections, bridge inspections and utility plant inspections in all 50 states.  Drone inspections are cheaper, faster and better than traditional telecom inspections.  TCP Skynet inspections can be easily integrated with your workflow and reports to reduce time and maximize efficiency. 

Crew Safety


TCP Skynet aerial inspections eliminates the need for your crew to risk their lives by climbing during visual inspections & will substantially diminish your liability exposure. Ability to get to places that where too costly or physically prohibitive in the past and collect quality, actionable data that will allow your staff to make up to date, educated decisions. 


Is it Safe?


Here at TCP Skynet safety is our number one priority.  Stringent safety protocols and top tier technology make TCP Skynet custom unmanned aerial systems extremely safe.  Our UAS's have a number of Fail-Safe features built-in: if radio signal is lost, on board GPS and Autopilot automatically guides the UAS back to the take off location.  If one of the motors fails, multi-rotor configuration allows for the rest of the motors to land the aircraft safely. Our pilots follows strict protocols and have years of experience flying drone/UAV's.



Effective Method To Manage Risk

UAS's or Drones are a proven and effective method to manage risk in a multitude of different industrial and commercial applications.  Being equipped with extremely efficient and smart payloads, Drones can combine outstanding performance with the ability to manage risk much more effectively by increasing the level of safety in a wide variety of business scenarios.  Working from height time will be significantly reduced by implementing drones.  The amount of man hours spent on high ladders, man lifts, scaffolding, and rooftops to initially visualize an issue will, for the most part, be unnecessary.  We will retrieve this information safely from the ground using our aerial data collecting drones.