Retail & Franchise


Imagery From a Birds-Eye View


Retailers always need photos for marketing purposes! But professional photographers can be expensive, and fixed cameras aren’t in position to take the best shots. Drones have the ability to be anywhere in a store and can grab a bird’s-eye shot from the ceiling or a floor-level photo from a lower elevation. 


Aerial Videos


Get stunning videos in 4k UHD to promote your properties, products or services.  Provide your customers with a truly engaging experience with a customized 3D marketing video



Is it Safe?


Here at TCP Skynet safety is our number one priority.  Stringent safety protocols and top tier technology make TCP Skynet custom unmanned aerial systems extremely safe.  Our UAS's have a number of Fail-Safe features built-in: if radio signal is lost, on board GPS and Autopilot automatically guides the UAS back to the take off location.  If one of the motors fails, multi-rotor configuration allows for the rest of the motors to land the aircraft safely. Our pilots follows strict protocols and have years of experience flying drone/UAV's.