President & CEO
Mr. Lord T. Walthour, President and CEO of True Color Portraits is responsible for the safe and effective delivery of (UAS) unmanned aerial systems at TCP Skynet.  Lord's career began in information systems, working in high visibility, client-facing roles for blue chip companies like Sirius Satellite Radio, American Management Systems and Iconix Web Development.  As the Director of Information Technology, he helped to design and iterate many complex steps and dependencies involved in delivering 99.9% up time to hundreds of clients hosted in the IBM cloud.  His broad technical experience and award-winning commitment to client satisfaction provide the idea foundation to design solutions that leverage the exciting new paradigm of low attitude, low cost aerial systems.
Since entering  the media production industry, he has logged time inspecting construction sites, skyscrapers, electrical transmission infrastructure, as well as producing hundreds of commercial marketing event videos, and thousands of photographic images.  Lord has also developed a safety management system, which is a formal top-down business-like approach to managing safety risk, which includes a systemic approach  to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities and policies and procedures.  This system ensures the remote pilot in charge attains situational awareness by obtaining as much information as possible prior to a flight and becoming familiar with the performance capabilities of the sUAS, weather conditions, surrounding airspace, privacy issues, and air (ATC) traffic controller requirements. Sources of information include a weather briefing, ATC, FAA, local pilots, local laws and ordinances, as well as landowners.
TCP Skynet uses a network of FAA licensed ( 14 CFR 107) pilots who are trained and experienced to fly commercial inspection purposes. All pilots are vetted and tested for professionalism and quality.  We are permitted to fly commercially in all 50 states and insured. Our team undergoes in-house training to hone their skills to ensure a safe and efficient flight every single time they take off. 
TCP Skynet has developed standard operating procedures that govern every mission, ensuring rick is assessed objectively every time and each flight is conducted at the highest possible lever of safety.  I guarantee it.